​Coil and plate service center, China

Serving customers across China and the Asia region

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Our pioneering service center serves customers across the China and Asia region. Download our brochure

Welcome to our coil and plate service center in Kunshan, China.

Our pioneering service center, in Kunshan City, Jiangsu Province, China, serves customers across China and the Asia region. Outokumpu Stainless Steel (China) Co. Ltd is a processing and distribution cen​ter equipped with the world’s most advanced stainless steel processing machinery. Backed by Outokumpu’s global reach and resources, we deliver a wide range of stainless steels cut, shaped and finished to meet your most precise specifications.

Our center’s state-of-the-art plasma, laser and water-jet cutting equipment regularly process a wide range of stainless steels for diverse customers all over China and beyond. The products are used in all many industries; from architecture to automobile manufacture; from papermaking to desalination plants, and a host of other applications.

The center is supported by our warehouse in Shanghai, as well as by offices in Beijing, Guangzhou, Hong Kong and Taipei.

Find out more about our stainless steel products and services available in Asia here on our website, or contact our experienced staff.​​​

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