​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Prefabricated components​

Outokumpu prefabricated components cover a wide range of applications ​including construction, paper machines, and press plates.

 Duprof structural sections

Duprof gives designers, engineers, and distributors standardized structuralsections in duplex stainless steel. Duprof allows you to take advantage of the beneficial properties of duplex in applications where high strength and long service life are required.

Standard sections are manufactured from plates in stock wit​h short lead times. They are available in a lengths up to 6 m/235 in and thicknesses from 5–15 mm/0.19–0.59 in. Other dimensions and profile types can be manufactured in other stainless steel grades besides duplex if required.​

 Beams, hollow section tubes and bent profiles for structural design

The Outokumpu Plates Service Center Group offers a wide range of products for load-bearing structures made from stainless steel, including bent profiles, welded I- and H-beams, and hollow section tubes.

These products are available in standard austenitic steels from the Core and Supra range as well as high-alloyed grades from the Ultra range for extremely corrosive environments. We also offer high-strength duplex and heat resistant stainless steels from the Forta and Therma ranges.

Our products are manufactured according to order and a large stock of raw material allow for short delivery times. Production lengths of up to 13 m/510 in (without length splicing) are possible.

 Suction roll shells

Outokumpu has decades of experience in delivering suction roll shell blanks for leading papermakers worldwide. From producing stainless steel grades specifically designed for suction roll shells to shell manufacture and final testing, we have continually refined our technologies to provide you with the right shell for your specific application. We can provide you with a shell that will run at optimum speed and quality throughout its lifecycle.


 Hardened/customized press plates

​​Outokumpu is a highly advanced manufacturer of customized press plates, ready-to-use plates for the hardboard industry, and semi-finished niche plates for the laminate industry.

Our press plates are highly resistant to plate damage such as indentations and scratches. Thanks to Outokumpu’s special hardening process, our press plates have an excellent degree of flatness, which is especially important for HPL-presses and large LPL-presses.​​​

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