​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Steel profile and plate bending​​​​ services at European plate service centers

Plate bending, which saves welding hours and strengthens your design, is a process where a deflection of the material is achieved by pressing it between an upper and lower tool in a hydraulic press break. The largest press break has 2.300 metric tons of press force and can handle lengths of up to 13 meters. A wide range of tools is available for different applications and shapes.​​

​Cold-formed profiles are produced by cutting and bending the sheet or plate material. Profiles can be manufactured from all available grades of stainless steel as hot or cold-rolled coil and hot-rolled quarto plate.

The product program covers both standard profiles (L-, U- and C-profiles) and a wide selection of special profiles.​​ ​​Our highly skilled employees and well-equipped workshop makes us to the European leader in bending company for bending stainless steel heavy plates.​

Bending capacity​

Len​​​​gth max​ Press force max​​
13,000 mm2,300 mm

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