​Stainless steel sheets with patterned finish

Beautiful surfaces for a wide range of architectural applications, such as facades, panels and claddings.



In spaces where design is important - like uilding facades, hotel lobbies, kitchens and shops - product surfaces need to look amazing. We know design and aesthetics are just as important to our customers, as precision and strength.

Patterned-finish stainless steel with its attractive surface is used in a wide range of architectual applications uchh as facades, panels and cladding.

Other typical uses include:

  • elevators
  • escalators
  • kitchen sinks and counters
  • bathrooms
  • dispensing equipment
  • checkout counters

Patterned-finish stainless steel can be readily formed without damaging the patterns. It is also insensitive to fingerprints and water stains. Minor damage due to daily use, e.g. scratches, is hidden by the textured surface.

Pattern-rolled stainless steel also displays better mechanical properties, providing higher strength and stability and therefore allowing the use of thinner material.  

Patterned stainless steel product range

Starting material:Cold rolled, bright annealed 2R
Finnish:​Patterned, reverse side completely smooth 2M
Surface protection:​Adhesive film coatings

(Other grades on request)

Thickness:​0,80/1,00/1,25 and 1,50 mm​​
(Other sizes on request)

​1 250 x 2 500 mm
1 250 mm x customer length​​​​​​​​

Standard patterns (other patterns on request):

Karos 21

Rauten 22

Wasserfall 66


Microchecker 65

Ledernarben 42

Microleinen 24

Triangel 67

Stainless in action

Airports are unique public spaces—with people in constant movement through shops and concourses amid concrete and steel.

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