​Graphite electrode surcharge


Outokumpu takes graphite electrode surcharge in use

Outokumpu introduces a graphite electrode surcharge for all stainless steel products with immediate effect. The tight supply situation within the graphite electrodes market has led to limited global availability of graphite electrodes and sharp increases in their prices. This has in turn led to significant increase in the production costs of stainless steel. The initial electrode surcharge concerns all new contracts and spot-orders in Europe, Middle East, Africa, Australia and Asia as of September 26, 2017. The graphite electrode surcharge will be updated monthly. Your Outokumpu sales representative is available to discuss this issue with you in more detail. 

Graphite electrode surcharge €/tonne
September 2017 ​30 ​
October 2017 ​30
November 2017 ​30
​December 2017 ​30
January 2018 ​30
February 2018 ​30