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​A global leader in stainless steel reinforcement of concrete, Outokumpu presents the Group products and capabilities at the annual international event for commercial concrete construction industries.

Outokumpu promotes sustainable future with advanced materials that ensure unmatched longevity of products and structures. Stainless steel reinforcement of concrete in critical structures is an insurance against corrosion. It is used to build infrastructure for future generations.

Recent years have seen Outokumpu build an impressive track record of stainless steel reinforcement bar (rebar) deliveries for landmark concrete construction projects. Outokumpu’s duplex stainless steel rebar has made major strides thanks to the superior qualities of these types of stainless steels in a wide range of construction applications.

Exhibiting at World of Concrete 2014, Outokumpu will present benefits of concrete stainless steel reinforcement and the Group’s range of stainless steel rebar products.

Outokumpu produces rebars in duplex alloys including 2304, 2205 and the Outokumpu proprietary lean duplex LDX2101®. LDX2101® has been selected for highly demanding infrastructure projects worldwide including bridges designed to serve for hundreds of years.

For non-magnetic applications, Outokumpu supplies rebars in standard austenitic stainless steels including ASTM 304/304L (EN 1.4301/7). Other alloys are available upon request.

Outokumpu produces stainless steel rebars in Richburg, South Carolina, and Sheffield, UK. The Richburg plant produces imperial-size rebars from #4 through #10 per ASTM A 955-11 and later versions. The Sheffield plant produces rebars in metric sizes 8mm to 32mm both to the BS6744 and to the ASTM A 955 standards. The Sheffield plant possesses cut-and-bend capabilities up to 32mm and is CARES approved to BS8666.

Find out more about the Outokumpu stainless rebar product range and services from Group representatives on hand at Booth # N3110 at World of Concrete 2014. Meet Tom Holsing, Outokumpu’s stainless rebar representative for North America, and Murray Adair, responsible for rebar operations for the Group.

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Maureen Meeker
Manager, Marketing Communications & Advertising
Outokumpu High Performance Stainless, Schaumburg, Illinois, USA