Dividend policy

The Board of Directors updated Outokumpu's dividend policy on January 31, 2018. According to the new policy, dividend pay-out ratio throughout a business cycle shall be in a range of 30-50 per cent of net income.

For 2017, the Board proposes a dividend of EUR 0.25 per share.

​Dividend per share, €0.25*​0.10​0.00​0.00​​0.00​0.00​0.00​0.25
​Dividend payout ratio​28.8​0.0​neg.​neg.​neg.​neg.​neg.
​Dividend yield, %​1.20.0​0.0​0.0​​0.0​0.0​1.8

 * Proposal by the Board of Directors, subject to the Annual General Meeting 2018.