Board of Directors

The fees to the board members until the next Annual General Meeting, confirmed by the 2016 Annual General Meeting, are as follows:

​Annual remuneration fee, euros Meeting fee, euros/meeting
​Chairman of the Board ​140,000 ​600
​Vice Chairman of the Board​  80,000​​600
​Board Members​  60,000 ​600

40% of the annual remuneration will be paid as Outokumpu shares purchased from the market and 60% paid in cash. The meeting fee will be 1 200 EUR/meeting for the Board Members residing outside Finland.

Annual and meeting fees for year 2016


Meeting remunerationAnnual remuneration1)Total​ remuneration
​Chairman of the Board, Jorma Ollila11,400​140,000​151,400​
​Vice Chairman of the Board, Olli Vaartimo​10,800  ​80,000  90,800
​Board member, Markus Akermann21,600​  60,000  81,600
​Board member, Roberto Gualdoni21,600  60,000  ​81,600
​Board member, Stig Gustavson  9,600  60,000  ​69,600
​Board member, Kati ter Horst​  5,400​  60,000​  65,400
​Board member, Heikki Malinen​10,200  60,000  70,200
​Board member, Saila Miettinen-Lähde​ 10,800  ​60,000  70,800
​Board member, Elisabeth Nilsson 21,600​  ​60,000  ​81,600

1) 40% of the rewards is paid in shares and 60% in cash.

July 2016 status information on Board of Directors' shares

Following the MAR regulation Outokumpu publishes the managers' transactions with Outokumpu's financial instruments as stock exchange releases. Please our release archive