Group structure

Group management

Outokumpu's corporate management consists of the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), members of the Outokumpu Leadership Team, and managers and experts who assist the CEO and members of the Leadership Team.

The task of corporate management is to manage the Group as a whole. Corporate management is responsible for safey, health and environment; financial and business controlling, taxation, treasury, metal and risk management; legal, corporate affairs and compliance; internal audit; technology, R&D and strategic investments; business transformation and IT; communications and investor relations as well as human resources and organizational development. 

Since June 2016, Outokumpu’s organization is based on three Business Areas which are responsible for their sales, operations and supply chain:

  • Europe
  • Americas
  • Long Products

As well as being responsible for their own sales, the Business Areas are responsible for profit and operating cash flow and are supported by Group-level functions in the key areas. The Business Areas are
geared to achieve the Group’s business and financial targets while maintaining the focus on responding to customer needs.

Please see the members of the Leadership Team