Stainless steel in water treatment 


​Outokumpu stainless steel solutions bring new thinking and cost savings to the water purification and wastewater treatment industries.

Outokumpu is the leading producer of duplex stainless steel in the world. Our duplex concepts for desalination – developed from decades of working with the industry – have helped make desalination more affordable and provide long, maintenance-free lives for related infrastructure.

Outokumpu offers the same proven capabilities for water purification and sewage treatment as for desalination. Duplex stainless steel offers equipment manufacturers and owners cost-efficiency and longevity for everything from water storage tanks to floodgates.

Duplex stainless steel benefits

Owing to its high strength, duplex stainless steel allows for reductions in plate thickness and, consequently, in weight, helping to lower the high investment costs of plants. With duplex, Outokumpu also contributes to a better environment through the use of less material including molybdenum and nickel, less energy needed for production and transport, and less welding.

Our innovation, technology and support, combined with novel, refreshing thinking about infrastructure, help provide for basic needs of communities in a sustainable manner for a better environment.

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 Product information

​All grades​​​1.4404 Cr-Ni Cr-Ni-Mo
High performance



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