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We offer the broadest range of stainless steel alloys to meet the exacting standards of today’s energy producers: whatever your power generation applications, we have the right stainless steel for the job.

Typical applications

Outokumpu stainless steel products have been used for decades  in all forms of power generation including:

  • transmission lines
  • nuclear reactors
  • desulphurization scrubbers
  • heat exchangers

Outokumpu stainless steels also support a wide variety of renewable energy technologies including solar, geothermal, hydro and wind power.

Duplex stainless steel benefits

Our full range of grades include our lean duplex stainless steel grades LDX 2101® and LDX 2404® which combine low nickel content with high mechanical strength.

Not only can our stronger grades provide cost-savings for the initial material cost, additional project cost savings can also be realized. For example, in some power generation facilities, stainless steel tanks are elevated requiring additional support and foundation materials. Our high-strength duplex stainless steels also enable highly cost-effective solutions in applications ranging from ocean power technologies to offshore windmill farms.

When using a higher mechanical strength grade stainless like LDX 2101, which weighs less than a commodity grade, the contractor can use less structural support and foundation materials–while simplifying the construction process–thus saving cost in the overall project.

Austenitic stainless steel benefits

In applications where very high ductility, wide temperature ranges, or specific corrosion features are desired, Outokumpu’s austenitic stainless steel and superaustenitic stainless steel grades are often recommended.

Outokumpu's superaustenitic stainless steel grades have shown reliability in resisting highly corrosive environments such as sea water applications or projects requiring high strength.

Sustainable solutions

Communities worldwide are setting ambitious tasks to increase the share of renewable energy in power generation. Outokumpu stainless steel, itself a product with excellent green credentials, is proving to be one of the best ways to protect investments in renewable energy through its use in critical components most vulnerable to corrosion.

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Outokumpu stainless steel works in the extremes in power plant in Jyväskylä, Finlandhttp://www.outokumpu.com/en/stainless-news/cases/stainless-steel-works-in-the-extremes-in-power-plantOutokumpu stainless steel works in the extremes in power plant in Jyväskylä, FinlandAleksi VuorenmaaProject manager, Jyväskylä Energy GroupWe needed a material that could withstand the conditions in the flue gas duct and chimney, while also being cost-efficient. Stainless steel responded to these expectations well. The main reason for our choice was its high corrosion resistance.
Bioproduct mill gets massive support from stainless steelhttp://www.outokumpu.com/en/stainless-news/cases/bioproduct-mill-gets-massive-support-from-stainless-steelBioproduct mill gets massive support from stainless steelOutokumpu has thus far delivered some 140 tonnes of Outokumpu Forta LDX 2101 (EN 1.4162) and Forta DX 2205 (EN 1.4462) stainless steel plates for this project from Outokumpu's mill in Degerfors, Sweden.
Outokumpu rebar chosen for cryogenic LNG project in the Netherlandshttp://www.outokumpu.com/en/stainless-news/cases/Outokumpu_rebar_chosen_for_cryogenic_LNG_project_in_the_NetherlandsOutokumpu rebar chosen for cryogenic LNG project in the NetherlandsRichard WigmansOutokumpu stainless steel rebar agent for Benelux & Germany If you’re working with cryogenic concrete, the rebar must be stainless steel. It is the only thing you can use. Nothing else will work.
Tracing a stainless value chain for customershttp://www.outokumpu.com/en/stainless-news/cases/tracing-a-stainless-value-chain-for-customersTracing a stainless value chain for customersTo help Valmet account for the impact of stainless components, Outokumpu provides environmental and ethical profiles for its products transparently.
Seven years strong with Fortahttp://www.outokumpu.com/en/stainless-news/cases/seven-years-strong-with-FortaSeven years strong with FortaSurry McFaulMetallurgical Engineer, Sun HydraulicsThe main reason we switched to Forta LDX 2101 was its tensile yield strength, which ranges from 65 to 124 ksi (kilopounds per square inch). We needed the lean duplex as strong as or even stronger than Sun’s standard valve body made of mild steel

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ASME Code Case 2903 approval expands markets for Outokumpu Supra 316plushttp://www.outokumpu.com/en/stainless-news/product-views/asme-code-case-2903-approval-expands-markets-for-outokumpu-supra-316plus17/04/2018 21:00:00ASME Code Case 2903 approval expands markets for Outokumpu Supra 316plusProduct portfolioProduct views2018Strength;Cost savingsSupra;Outokumpu ClassicEnergy & heavy industriesCoil and sheet;Austenitic
Outokumpu’s melt shop receives qualification to supply stainless steel to nuclear industry supply chainhttp://www.outokumpu.com/en/stainless-news/product-views/outokumpus-melt-shop-in-sheffield-receives-qualification-to-supply-stainless-steel-to-the-nuclear-industry-supply-chain28/03/2017 21:00:00Outokumpu’s melt shop receives qualification to supply stainless steel to nuclear industry supply chainSteel grades and alloysProduct viewsEMEA2017Suitable for extreme conditionsEnergy & heavy industriesLong products
Why to use duplex stainless steel for pressure vesselhttp://www.outokumpu.com/en/stainless-news/outokumpu-news/why-to-use-duplex-stainless-steel-for-pressure-vessel12/04/2016 21:00:00Why to use duplex stainless steel for pressure vesselIndustryOutokumpu newsGlobal2016Energy & heavy industries
Supra 316plus triumphs in tube trialshttp://www.outokumpu.com/en/stainless-news/product-views/supra-316plus-triumphs-in-tube-trials22/03/2016 12:00:00Supra 316plus triumphs in tube trialsProduct portfolioProduct views2016Fabrication;Corrosion resistanceSupra;Outokumpu ClassicEnergy & heavy industries
Stainless pipes get green light for North American water markethttp://www.outokumpu.com/en/stainless-news/product-views/stainless_pipes_get_green_light_for_north_american_water_market06/03/2016 22:00:00Stainless pipes get green light for North American water marketGeographical AreaProduct viewsAmericas2016Corrosion resistanceEnergy & heavy industriesLong products
Outokumpu quarto plate extends prestigious NORSOK certificationshttp://www.outokumpu.com/en/stainless-news/outokumpu-news/outokumpu-quarto-plate-extends-prestigious-NORSOK-certifications13/01/2016 22:00:00Outokumpu quarto plate extends prestigious NORSOK certificationsIndustryOutokumpu newsGlobal2016Corrosion resistanceForta;Ultra;Outokumpu ProEnergy & heavy industriesQuarto plate
Results of Middle East atmospheric corrosion resistance test publishedhttp://www.outokumpu.com/en/stainless-news/product-views/Results-of-Middle-East-atmospheric-corrosion-resistance-test-published17/12/2015 10:00:00Results of Middle East atmospheric corrosion resistance test publishedConditionProduct viewsEMEA2015Corrosion resistanceForta;UltraEnergy & heavy industries
Quick deliveries through Plate Service Center stockhttp://www.outokumpu.com/en/stainless-news/product-views/quick-deliveries-through-plate-service-center-stock25/11/2015 11:00:00Quick deliveries through Plate Service Center stockSteel grades and alloysProduct viewsEMEA2015Energy & heavy industriesQuarto plate
Outokumpu supplies stainless steel billets to leading seamless tube producer Tubacexhttp://www.outokumpu.com/en/stainless-news/outokumpu-news/Outokumpu-supplies-stainless-steel-billets to-leading-seamless-tube-producer-tubacex18/11/2015 22:00:00Outokumpu supplies stainless steel billets to leading seamless tube producer TubacexProduct portfolio;Steel grades and alloysImageOutokumpu newsGlobal2015Suitable for extreme conditionsTherma;Outokumpu ProEnergy & heavy industriesLong products;Tube;Slabs, blooms & billets
Degerfors Long Products in Sweden achieves prestigious NORSOK qualificationhttp://www.outokumpu.com/en/stainless-news/product-views/Degerfors-Long-Products-in-Sweden-achieves-prestigious-NORSOK-qualification15/11/2015 22:00:00Degerfors Long Products in Sweden achieves prestigious NORSOK qualificationIndustry;Product portfolioProduct viewsEMEA2015Corrosion resistanceForta;Outokumpu ProEnergy & heavy industriesLong products

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