​​​​​​Stainless steel for heating, cooling and ventilation applications

Stainless steels are robust and cost-efficient materials for a wide range of heating, cooling and ventilation (HCV) applications.

Heating, cooling and ventilation systems must be able to handle fluctuating conditions. Variations in temperature, humidity and pressure in HCV applications can be considerable, and also highly corrosive. Stainless steel, which combines excellent corrosion resistance with non-contamination and other properties, is an excellent material for residential, commercial or industrial HCV applications.

You can find Outokumpu stainless steels in gas heaters, heat exchangers, air handling units and many other heating, cooling and ventilation components. Our steels are available in several grades, product forms and finishes depending on the nature of the application. All our stainless steels come with industry-leading technical support, with further finishing actions are performed by our service centers in the main markets.

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