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Modern building and structure designs require aesthetic appearance and extended life. As a result stainless steel, once the preserve of prestige projects, is becoming an everyday material due to its strength, corrosion resistance, appearance and sustainability. Outokumpu, as a world leader in stainless steel, can meet your needs with a full range of stainless steel products.

Outokumpu has built an impressive roster of stainless steel deliveries to some of the most famous bridges and buildings around the world. This includes the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, the Marina Bay Bridge in Singapore and the Freedom Tower in New York.


Typical applications

Stainless steel is a favorite of architects designing the world’s tallest buildings, the longest bridges, and the most popular public arts projects. Stainless steel is specified where long life, low maintenance, and aesthetic appeal are critical, including:

  • facades
  • roofs
  • fittings and fitting systems
  • concrete rebar 
  • balustrades
  • balconies
  • elevators & escalators
  • bridges
  • structural beams
  • heating, cooling and ventilation

Stainless steel benefits

Stainless steel provides a wide range of benefits for architectural and construction projects including:

  • aesthetic appeal and inherent long-life
  • resistance to high heat, corrosion, pitting, and stress corrosion cracking
  • cost-savings on initial material and over the lifecycle of the project
  • extended lifespan and reduced maintenance for concrete construction where corrosion is a concern
  • maintenance free with a minimum increase in investment cost

Decorative and functional surface finishes

Outokumpu’s Deco line of finishes provides architects with a wide range of aesthetically appealing scratch and wear resistant textured stainless steel finishes. The new Deco Linen pattern is popular for curtain walls, building interiors, column covers, and other architectural applications. Deco Matte, which resembles the appearance of glass bead blasted stainless steel, offers architects a low reflectivity surface for roofing applications, for example.

Learn more about Outokumpu surface finishes

A sustainable solution

The high sustainability rating of stainless steel (most grades use nearly 90% recycled steel content) makes it a growing consideration for architects seeking LEED certification. The reflective nature of stainless is often considered when attempting to bring natural light into a building. This feature can also help reduce energy consumption in commercial buildings.

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