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Outokumpu rolled and forged billets

Outokumpu rolled and forged billets are used used in a wide range of forging applications, for example flange forging and also seamless tubes. We provide a wide range of ferritic, austenitic, duplex, heat resistant, and precipitation hardening stainless steels.

The products boast consistent high quality in terms of surface, straightness, center line, and chemical composition. Our experts are always on hand to guide you through the forging process to get the best possible results from our materials.



  • Consistently high quality and delivery reliability
  • Expert advice to help with processing
  • Over 30 years' experience working with leading forgers
  • Flexible production means we can give equal priority to orders from both large and small customers​



​​​Visit ​Stainless Steel Finder to compare EN and ASTM standard values for different stainless steel grades, thickness and width ranges and available finishes by product type. You can also get information about mechanical strength and elongation.

If your requirements fall outside these standard sizes, please contact your local sales office​.​​​

The feedstock for rolled and forged billet is ingot and bloom, primarily supplied by our SMACC melting shop.

Billets are produced with round or square cross-section and can be supplied in unground, fully ground, spot/corner ground, or peeled. 

Heat treatment

All products can be post-production heat treated to meet your requirements.


We work with you to tailor our production tolerances to your specifications. 

​​ShapeSize (mm)Length (m)​Tolerance (mm)
Rolled Round75-210 3-12 -0.5 to +3.5
Rolled Square 75-200 3-12 -0.5 to +3.5
Forged Round 150-240 3-12 ±5
Forged Square 150-240 3-12 ±5

​Check Stainless Steel Finder to view different stainless steel grades, thickness and width ranges, and available finishes by product form based on EN and ASTM standards. You’ll also find information about mechanical strength, elongation, and other properties

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Outokumpu showcases Prodec in Machining Day in Aaltenhttp://www.outokumpu.com/en/stainless-news/outokumpu-news/outokumpu-showcases-prodec-in-machining-day-in-aaltenOutokumpu showcases Prodec in Machining Day in Aalten31/05/2016 21:00:00Outokumpu has conducted standardized V15 machining tests by an external laboratory that clearly show that Prodec grades offer higher machining speeds than other competing materials in the market.Product portfolioImageOutokumpu news2016FabricationProdec;Outokumpu ProLong products;Quarto plate
Outokumpu supplies stainless steel billets to leading seamless tube producer Tubacexhttp://www.outokumpu.com/en/stainless-news/outokumpu-news/Outokumpu-supplies-stainless-steel-billets to-leading-seamless-tube-producer-tubacexOutokumpu supplies stainless steel billets to leading seamless tube producer Tubacex18/11/2015 22:00:00Outokumpu today announced collaboration with a global leading stainless steel and high nickel alloys tubular solutions supplier Tubacex. Product portfolio;Steel grades and alloysImageOutokumpu newsGlobal2015Suitable for extreme conditionsTherma;Outokumpu ProEnergy & heavy industriesLong products;Tube;Slabs, blooms & billets



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