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Outokumpu semi-finished stainless steel long products

Outokumpu produces consistently high quality billets, blooms, slabs, and ingots in an industry-leading variety of sizes and grades for use in forging and further processing. Our end-to-end approach, from melting, casting and rolling to finishing and testing, means that we can offer a full range of semi-finished products with industry-leading consistency, delivery performance, and technical support.

Outokumpu’s semi-finished stainless steel long products are produced in an extremely wide selection of grades and an industry-leading range of products and sizes. The exceptional flexibility of our meltshops also means we can quickly adjust production schedules to provide short lead times.

Our experts are here to support you with precise guidelines for forging and processing, helping you to get the best results possible from our stainless steels.


  • Consistent high quality and delivery reliability
  • Expert technical advice
  • European-sourced stainless steel​​