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When you need larger or thicker plate sizes, Outokumpu hot rolled plates, also known as quarto plates, are the answer. You can specify the size of your hot rolled plates so that they exactly meet your requirements.

The bigger the plates, the fewer you need, so when it comes to welding you benefit from cheaper and faster assembly. By choosing a duplex grade, which enables the same properties as standard grades but with a lower thickness, the reduced weight magnifies these benefits and also reduces transport costs.

For many customers our hot rolled quarto plate is delivered in prefabricated condition, including prepolishing, edge preparation and corrugation.   


Typical applications of hot rolled quarto plate

  • Large storage tanks​
  • Pulp towers
  • Pipe processing
  • Bulk cargo tanks in chemical tankers
  • Oil and gas pipes

Why choose Outokumpu

Outokumpu is committed to supplying material with minimum deviations from a flat surface. To achieve this goal, the recent €100 million quarto plate investment in our Degerfors mill in Sweden will increase product quality still further, introduce more products, and reduce lead times. When combined with the mill’s already impeccable delivery performance, it all adds up to more options, even better quality, and faster delivery.


 Plate program

​​Degerfors, Sweden
​Width max​3200 mm
​Thickness max​110 mm (130mm)
​Length max​13500 mm

Check Stainless Steel Finder to view different stainless steel grade​​​s, thickness and width ranges, and available finishes by product form based on EN and ASTM standards. You’ll also find information about stainless steel grades' corrosion resistance, mechanical strength, elongation, and other properties. 

​For more information about Degerfors mill 

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 Value added services

Plate service center network in Europe

​Outokumpu PSC (Plate Service Center) network provides a full range of stainless steel fabrication services for customers across borders in Europe. Our ‘one face to the market’ approach gives you a complete stainless steel package from one contact point including technical support. In addition to plasma cutting, waterjet cutting, laser cutting, bending and mechanical processing we offer edge preparation, welding, sawing and shearing services.

Read more about plate service center services in Europe

Outokumpu Prefab works closely with plate service centres and the Degerfors Specialty Stainless Plate mill in offering customers prefabrication and fabrication services, particularly for heavy plate products, services including press and roller forming as well as welding and heat treatment.

Plate service center in China

In Kunshan China our coil and plate service center’s state-of-the-art plasma, laser and water-jet cutting equipment regularly process a wide range of stainless steels for customers in e.g. construction, automotive, papermaking and oil refining industries in China and in nearby countries.

Read more about service center services in Asian market


 Certificates & approvals

Certificates & approvals

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Shows the list of publications in the main column

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