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We manufacture cold-rolled precision strips of stainless and heat-resistant steels in widths narrower than 650 mm / 25.59" and in thicknesses of 0.05 mm / 0.002" to 1.5 mm / 0.06" for demanding technical applications. The demand requirements placed on the steel we supply require us to have a close relationship with our customers and a deep understanding of their products.

Everything we manufacture is made to tightly defined tolerances in terms of tension strength, flatness, surface texture, and more. Our precision strips are available in a wide range of standard and specialty stainless steel grades, including duplex and high-performance austenitic grades.

Typical applications of stainless steel precision strip

  • Sophisticated deep drawn parts
  • Electrical connectors
  • Hypodermic needles
  • Pressure cans for pharmaceuticals
  • Technical springs with defined tensions
  • Thin walled and flexible tubes

Common stainless steel precision strip grades

Precision strip is available in most austenitic and ferritic grades, and many are available as highly pure ASR-grades. Special steel 1.6908 (Ultrafort) martensitic precipitating stainless steel precision strips are also available. Duplex grades are available on request.

For a full list of grades available as stainless steel precision strip, please check Stainless Steel Finder.


Why choose Outokumpu​

Outokumpu has a long track record in the steel industry and we focus on building lasting partnerships with our customers. We have the insight necessary to advise you on the optimal solution for your specific application. We tailor the product chemistry, microstructure, treatment, size, and finish to ensure your precision strips give you a real competitive advantage.

Precision strip is manufactured on high-performance state-of-the-art equipment at our Dahlerbrück plant in Schalksmühle, Germany. Our deep understanding of our customers' businesses drives our exceptionally high quality made-to-order precision strip.​


 Production program


  • Width: 3 to <650 mm (0.12" - 25.59")
  • Thickness: 0.05 to 1.5 mm (0,002“ - 0,06“)


  • 2H (III a) cold-rolled, various strengths
  • 2R (III d) cold-rolled, bright-annealed, skin-passed

Delivery forms

Coils with inside diameter of 200, 300, 400 and 500 mm depending on strip width and thickness. Other coil inside diameters on request. Coil weight up to 10 kg/mm strip width. Can also be supplied on spools on request.


  • Slit edges (GK)
  • Deburred edges (SK)
  • Rounded edges (SK)


Width and thickness tolerances to EN 10258 (formerly DIN 59381). Closer tolerances can be agreed on.

Mechanical properties

  • EN 10088 Stainless steel strip (general)
  • EN 10151 Stainless steel strip for springs (any strength within the normal range is possible)

Check Stainless Steel Finder to view different stainless steel grades, thickness and width ranges, and available finishes by product form based on EN and ASTM standards. You’ll also find information about stainless steel grades' corrosion resistance, mechanical strength, elongation, and other properties.

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