​Production sites in Sweden

​Outokumpu's operations in Sweden include integrated stainless steel mill in Avesta and cold rolling mills in Degerfors, Kloster and Nyby. Swedish mills focus on high performance stainless grades, and they became part of Outokumpu after Avesta Sheffield acquisition in 2001.

Avesta, Nyby and Kloster are today part of Coil EMEA operations as Avesta business line. Quarto plate operations in Degerfors are part of the Quarto Plate business area and heavy bar and billet operations in Degersfors part of the Long Products business line.

Avesta mill

Outokumpu's integrated stainless steel mill in Avesta includes melt shop, hot rolling mill and cold rolling mill. Avesta produces thick, two-metre wide coil and plate, with particular emphasis on special grades, such as duplex grades. The site also houses an R&D centre. Avesta, together with Nyby and Kloster mills, is part of the Avesta business line in the Coil EMEA business area.

The Avesta site has a long history of producing steel, especially duplex grades: Avesta invented and produced first commercial duplex stainless steel in 1924.

Degerfors mill

Outokumpu's mill in Degerfors produces both quarto plate and heavy bar and rolled billets in various stainless steel grades. The site employs some 400 people and is part of both Quarto Plate and Long Products business areas. Outokumpu is currently ramping up a 100 million euro quarto plate investment in Degerfors to increase the plate production capacity to 150 000 tonnes.

Also Degerfors mill has a long history in metal production, which started then an ironworks was founded in the 17th century.

Nyby mill

Our Nyby mill, located in Torshälla, Sweden, produces cold rolled coil and sheet from black hot band produced by Avesta in high performance stainless grades, focusin in duplex, high-alloyed austenitic and heat resistant special grades. The suface structures of products can be also processed to fulfill various customer requirements for function and decoration. The production site is part of the Avesta business line in the Coil EMEA business area.

The mill has a long history and was founded in 1829, although first documented production operations are from the 15th century.

Kloster mill

Outokumpu's Kloster cold rolling mill produces thin precision austenitic and ferritic strip, focusing also on special grades. The Kloster mill is located in Långshyttan, Sweden and currently belongs to the Avesta business line. In 2014 Outokumpu made a decision to close down the Kloster mill by the end of the year after  Kloster unit has been implementing a restructuring program since June 2011 to turn the unit back to profitability. Kloster has approximately 170 employees.

Industrial operations in the site began already in the 15th century with two blast furnaces.