Tornio mill and Kemi mine in ​Finland

Tornio mill

Outokumpu's site in Tornio is the most integrated stainless steel mill in the world: the same production site includes melt shop, hot rolling mill, cold rolling mill and even ferrochrome smelter as the source of one of the essential raw materials, chromium. The most significant raw materials is recycled steel, and the recycled content in the ready-made products is in average more than 80%. The production site has its own harbor from which products are delivered to the markets and raw materials delivered to the site. 

Tornio site covers more than 600 hectares and employs some 2 150 stainless steel professionals. In addition, some 300 people employed by subcontractors and business partners work daily in the production site.
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Kemi mine

Kemi mine is located to close to the Tornio stainless steel mill. The mine guarantees access to the most important raw material of stainless steel, chromium that makes steel stainless, for long in the future. Kemi mine produces chromite concentrate and raw material for the ferrochrome works in nearby Tornio.

Proved mineral reserves of the mine total approximately 33 million tonnes and after studies in 2012, the quantity of mineral resources, estimated to a depth of one kilometer), totals now some 105 million tonnes.
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Code of conduct for applying for access passes

To access Tornio mill area and Kemi mine, application for access passes is required. Find below instructions on how to proceed and fill in the application form.

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