Sheffield, UK​

In the UK, Outokumpu has an integrated production facility in Sheffield.

Sheffield mill

​Outokumpu's integrated site in Sheffield, UK includes melt shop and continuous casting operations, bar finishing facility and rod mill which are part of Long Products business line. The site includes also stocking, processing and distribution centre.

Sheffield produces stainless steel coil, plate, sheet, rod coil, bar and rebar as well as semi-finished products such as slab, bloom, billet and ingot in wide range or grades, also specializing in duplex grades. Sheffield employs some 600 people.

Steel production in Sheffield has a long history and goes back to as early as 1848. Stainless steel operations dates back to as early as in 1913 when English metallurgist Harry Brearley cast a steel alloy that is resistant to acidity and weathering.
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