​​​Outokumpu in the Asia - Pacific​

Stonecutters Bridge

Outokumpu supplied over 1,000 mt of duplex stainless steel to Hong Kong's Stonecutters bridge, one of the biggest road bridges in the world. 

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Asia-Pacific is the fastest growing region and currently accounts for approximately 60% of global stainless steel consumption.

​Outokumpu operations in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region include

  • service center in Kunshan, China and
  • service center in Melbourne, Australia
  • a sales network with dedicated sales personnel covering the entire region.​

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Outokumpu. Your partner in meeting the opportunities of global megatrends.

​As the inventors of stainless steel, we are able to apply over 100 years of technical expertise. Our commitment to technical innovation and the development of new grades support our customers in finding new opportunities in global megatrends: climate change & limited resources, increasing mobility & urbanisation and economic & population growth.


​​Economic & population growth

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Customer challenge: Building a better, brighter, more brilliant biogas tank.
​German company Borger has traditionally built biogas tanks out of cement or enamelled, Zinc-coated or coated-carbon steel. However, they needed improved corrosion resistance due to the presence of hydrogen sulphide. strong>

Outokumpu innovation and solution
At first, Borger was considering austenitic stainless steel, until Outokumpu recommended the new lean, duplex grade LDX2404. Lean duplex stainless steel is proving to be an ideal construction material for the new-generation biogas tanks. In addition to saving substantially on weight, Borger was able to make its tanks larger than ever before. LDX2404’s high strength allows Borger to use 25% less material to build massive, maintenance-free tanks of over 5000 cubic metres capacity.

Climate change & limited resources ​
Customer challenge: It’s going to get hot inside Terrosol Energy’s TGmasolar Concentrating Solar Power Plant in Sevilla, Spain.         
This is the world’s first commercial central-tower heliostat plant. They required a tank to store molten salts used in the electricity generating process. These molten salts reach temperatures above 550°C.

Outokumpu innovation and solution
The heat resistance of grade 347H was identified as an ideal material. Outokumpu was approached  for the technical expertise needed to understand how this grade performs above 550°C. Outokumpu specialists provided the required data, recommended corrosion and stress relief tests be conducted and provided insights into the optimal welding procedures. 347H was chosen for the 23-metre diameter  x 14 metre tall tank.

Increasing mobility & urbanisation ​
Customer challenge: The sky is not the limit with China’s highest skyscraper: Ping An. 
The challenge was to find an appropriate “standout” material for the façade of the world’s second tallest building. With its height of a staggering 660 metres, Ping An is expected to be completed in April 2016.

Outokumpu innovation and solution
Architects and designers Kohn Pederson Fox (KPF) chose Outokumpu 316L sheets with a textured pattern called Linen 25. KPF noted that Outokumpu stainless steel was durable in challenging conditions, delivering even longer project lifecycles. The mechanical properties allow for a thinner façade, as well as keeping the building insulated from both the elements and sound. Longevity, corrosion resistance, and solar reflective index were further benefits. 1700 tonnes will be supplied from the Dillenberg plant in Germany. Another 800 tonnes is required for the podium part of the building.