We are the new global leader in stainless steel and high performance alloys. Through our technical expertise and high quality products we work together with our customers and partners to create material for the tools of modern life, and solutions for the world’s most critical problems: clean energy, clean water and efficient infrastructure. ​

We want to make things that last. We want to be the industry forerunner in actively seeking new ways and solutions to build more sustainable societies and solutions. We need people who are open to change and ready to challenge the old ways, people with an optimistic and creative mind. We value a curious attitude and the courage to ask even the toughest questions.


Safe and motivating workplace 

We want Outokumpu to be a safe and motivating workplace. Safety is priority number one in Outokumpu – for everyone, every day and everywhere. Our Code of Conduct guides us in our work and ensures that we all live up to the ethical principles stated in our Ethics Statement. Outokumpu wishes to be a valuable partner in creating well-being in society. We also feel the responsibility for setting a positive benchmark as an industry leader.

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Diverse career opportunities

Outokumpu offers various career opportunities for people with different backgrounds in fields like marketing, sales, finance, production and R&D. There are interesting challenges for both recent graduates and more experienced professionals. If you are looking for motivating challenges and want to develop your skills in a truly global working environment, Outokumpu is your employer of choice.

Challenges to foster your development

When working at Outokumpu you will notice that you are trusted with responsibility and that you are encouraged to make decisions. We highlight the fact that people learn in variety of ways. The development opportunities and methods offered within the Group therefore vary. Most learning happens through learning on the job, especially when taking on new challenging tasks (job rotation). One can also learn from more experienced colleagues (mentoring) or by being supported in realizing one's own potential (coaching). But sometimes formal training is exactly what is needed to develop oneself further. Workdays at Outokumpu are filled with new challenges to extend your boundaries and make you grow and develop as a professional and an individual.