Frequently asked

How do I apply for a job at Outokumpu?

You can send your application to open job vacancies or leave an open application through one of the online recruitment systems on our career pages. You find our open vacancies here.

To apply for an open vacancy you can either open the job advertisement and click "Apply" or send your application to the shown contact person or department.

Can I send my application by e-mail?

Applying for a job requires either an online application and therefore a personal login to our e-recruiting tool or an e-mail to the local HR department. Please choose the recruiting channel that is announced in the job description.

Please make always sure that your application is complete. A perfect application includes a cover letter, a curriculum vitae (CV), a photograph, employer references and certificates (e. g. diploma or school leaving certificate).

Do I have to register?

In case you apply via e-recruitment tool, we recommend that you register with us before sending your application. This way you can use your existing data if you want to apply for another position later on. As well, you might login at a later time and see the progress of your application.

Can I leave an open application?

You can leave an open application

  1. by registering with us and completing the electronic application form. The open applications are screened when searching for suitable candidates for open vacancies;
  2. by sending an unsolicited application via e-mail to us.

I have forgotten my password – what should I do?

If you have registered with us you can e-mail yourself the password through a link under the respective e-recruitment system. However, this requires that you remember your username and still have access to the same e-mail account that you have registered with. The system accepts the same e-mail address only once, which means that if you want to register again you need to use another e-mail address. 

What browsers do you recommend for filling in the application?

The online recruitment system is compatible with Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome. The current version of the online recruitment system does not support fully the use of Safari, Internet Explorer 8 or Firefox 3.5. Please contact us in case of problems.

What language should I use when I fill in the application?

In general you should use the same language as the job advertisement is written in. Please note that some pages or questions in the online recruitment system are in English, but you can fill in your application in a local language as well.

How long does it take to fill in an application?

Filling in an application takes approximately 30 minutes. Please note that your session will expire after a special time period of inactivity. We recommend to have your cover letter, CV and further attachments ready before starting the online recruitment process.

How do I know that my application has been received?

A confirmation e-mail will be sent to the e-mail address registered in your application. The e-mail notification is automated so you cannot reply to it.

For how long will my application be valid?

Please click here to see our data security and privacy policy.

Do you offer summer jobs?

We offer a variety of summer jobs in different locations. To find more information about our summer jobs in Finland, please click here. All other jobs are posted on "open vacancies".

Do you offer internships?

We offer internships in different group companies and locations. The variety depends on the target you have regarding the internship, i. e. do you like to have a summer job in order to earn some money or do you look for an internship as it is part of your university studies.

Do you offer thesis opportunities?

Every year a number of students write their thesis or diploma work for Outokumpu. Theses opportunities may be announced on our career pages, but you can also send an open application to us. Also check out opportunities in different countries.

Do you have a trainee program?

We offer several trainee programmes in different countries and business units or group companies. In order to look for job openings, please click here and see our open vacancies. If there are no trainee vacancies offered, we currently do not search.

Where can I meet you?

Outokumpu participates in career fairs and events in different locations. For more information please contact the local HR department in the respective country. For contact details please click here.

I would like to apply to two or more jobs. How can I do that?

You have two options:

  1. Please apply once and state in your cover letter that you are interested in further positions. We then will forward your application to the proper business unit and department.
  2. Send an application to each company you are looking for a job.

How long does the application process last?

Depending on the amount of applications we receive, you have to bear a time of four to six weeks from the start date (sending the application) until the decision is made. In case of any questions during the application process, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Which application channel do you prefer?

As Outokumpu is a global player with locations in different countries we prefer applications sent by e-mail or by online recruitment system. Applications sent by post are intricate and time-consuming as we have to scan your data and send it back to you.

I would like to work abroad. Who should I talk to?

The best way is to directly contact the subsidiary in your chosen country to discuss the requirements and application procedure. In case you do not find any subsidiary, please click here and contact corporate HR department.

Which areas can I do internships in?

Normally we offer commercial and technical internships. In order to get an overview of our current open possibilities, please click here to check all vacancies.