​​​​Outokumpu in Sweden

​Outokumpu operates from three sites in Sweden with a total of around 2000 employees.

Production sites


Avesta is our largest production facility and has some 700 employees. The plant belongs to Business Line Avesta in business area EMEA a​nd is Sweden’s only stainless steel foundry. It is also one of the most productive in the world. Scrap metal is the main raw material in steel production here. Steel can be recycled an infinite number of times without losing its recyclability. In addition to casting, the plant has great capacity for machining and processing steel down to 1.5 mm thin.

Press Plate, which belongs to Outokumpu’s business area Quarto Plate, is also based in the Avesta works complex. The stainless steel plates processed here enable industry to press particle board, Masonite and laminates for furniture and floors. Prefab, which makes suction roll shells, is another operations in Avesta belonging to Quarto Plate business area.

One of Outokumpu’s three research centers is also located in Avesta. . In close collaboration with customers, some 50 people work on product development at the Avesta Reseach Center.

Additionally there are several central service function positions in Avesta such as Financial Services, Purchasing, Salary Service and IT.​


Operations in Degerfors are divided into the production of quarto plate and long products and altogether employs about 550 employees including Plate Service Centre Nordic The plate mill in Degerfors is a world-leading manufacturer of tailor-made, stainless steel heavy plates. A close by Plate Service Nordic is also part of the quarto plate operations and undertakes plasma cutting, waterjet cutting and bending of plates up to 13 meters long.

The long products unit in Degerfors offers a wide variety of bars, billets… Additionally it also carries out subcontract rolling for other steel companies.

Torshälla and Eskilstuna

Torshälla and Eskilstuna together have about 245 employees. The cold rolling mill in Torshälla belongs to Business Line Avesta in EMEA and processes, refines and finishes steel to customers’ wishes. This steel, supplied by Avesta, can be rolled down to 0.4 mm thin here.

The sales office in Eskilstuna also has a service center for cutting and shearing customer deliveries to various sizes.​


Open positions

Please visit our open vacancies page to find all open positions at our Swedish sites.  

Open application

Please send your application including cover letter, CV and testimonials by e-mail. The contact persons can be found below.

Swedish sites offering work experience for students

Several of our Swedish sites work closely with upper secondary schools, universities and centres offering advanced vocational courses with an industrial and technical orientation. To the extent that tutorship is available, we offer work experience places. At most sites, candidates must be over 18 years old. Before places are taken up, there is contact between the supervising teacher and an HR representative at the site in question.

Holiday jobs

All Outokumpu’s Swedish sites annually recruit holiday workers to meet current needs. The recruitment process varies from site to site. Please contact the local HR service for further information about the recruitment process at the site where you would like to work.

Degree projects

As it contributes to our long-term development, it is Outokumpu’s ambition to offer degree project opportunities that promote contact and exchanges of know-how with institutes of higher education and universities. This is also a way in which we can find the skills we need while raising Outokumpu’s profile and spreading knowledge of the company as an attractive employer.

Degree projects enable you, as a student, to apply and develop your theoretical expertise. At the same time, through the insight into our operations, you make contacts with and get to know the Outokumpu group of companies. For our part, we have important work carried out and can get to know you as a potential future employee.

​We hope that your degree project provides added value for both you and us.

Get in touch with the site/ unit in which you wish to carry out your degree project (see the contact list below). Present your project idea and we will try to match it to our needs. In your application, we want you to describe:

  • What educational orientation you study?
  • What you want to focus your degree project on?
  • When you want to do the degree work?
  • The extent of your imaginary degree project?​

Degree project conditions

The degree project must be a C or a D paper covering 10 or 20 weeks’ work. There must be a main examiner, a tutor at the university/institute of higher education and a tutor within Outokumpu.

To receive the remuneration offered by Outokumpu, the project must result in a report that is approved by the university/institute of higher education.

The finished project must, after agreement between the parties, be presented orally at an Outokumpu establishment. To maintain confidentiality, certain information in the project may have to be coded.

Further information


Business Area/Line 

Contact person,


​Avesta​R&D/service functions​Helena Holmlund helena.holmlund@outokumpu.com
​​AvestaAvesta, Avesta works​Helena Holmlundhelena.holmlund@outokumpu.com
​Degerfors​Quarto Plate​Erica Öhman-Rolénhr.degerfors@outokumpu.com
​Degerfors​Long Products Degefors Stainless​Marina Erikssonhr.degerfors@outokumpu.com
Torshälla/Eskilstuna​​​Avesta, Nyby​Jenny Wärn​jenny.waern@outokumpu.com