Outokumpu in Finland

Outokumpu’s head office is located in Helsinki, Finland. There are around 130 employees working in the Helsinki site.

Corporate Functions like Finance, Treasury and Risk Management, Human Resources, Sustainability and Environment, IT, General Procurement, Legal, Strategy and Business Excellence are operated from the head office.

Outokumpu Tornio

Outokumpu Tornio is the most integrated stainless steel plant in the world. All the stainless steel production departments, including Steel Melting Shop, Hot Rolling Mill and Cold Rolling Plant, but also the ferrochrome works are all situated within one factory area, which reaches all the way to the Port of Tornio. Many of the raw materials used in the process of the Tornio site are imported through the harbor and the ready-made stainless steel products are transported from the harbor to markets around the world. 

The Tornio site is situated only a few kilometers from the only chrome mine in the EU area. Kemi Mine produces the vital raw material, chromium, for the stainless steel process in Tornio. Another main raw material used in the stainless steel production in Tornio is recycled steel, which comprises more than 80 per cent of the finished product. 

The plant area in Tornio is more than 600 hectares wide and the buildings cover 56 hectares of the area. The Tornio site provides work for 2,150 Outokumpu employees. In addition, 300 contractors work at the plant every day.

Employees are from a variety of fields of expertise

The process begins at the Kemi Mine where our employees work as miners, laboratory workers, engineers and geologists. The production at the site in Tornio is run by operators, maintenance workers and engineers. In addition, the research center at the Tornio site provides jobs for research engineers, customer service engineers and quality engineers, laboratory workers and experts in environmental issues. Exports is taken care by the specialists in sales and logistics. Purchasing is in the hands of commercial and technical experts. An extensive network of safety and security specialists work constantly to develop and support the overall safety of the working environment. Furthermore, there are people from a variety of fields of expertise to take care of the common issues at the site. 

Vocational degree is a prerequisite for all the blue collar positions. White collar positions require a polytechnic or university degree. Blue collar workers are required to speak Finnish, white collars are required to master both English and Finnish. 



Practical training and internship

Students are our future employees which is why we want to work closely with educational institutions and students. We provide work experience for hundreds of students each year through various practical trainings and internships.

Summer job

Each year, hundreds of summer trainees work at the Tornio site in production, maintenance, research and logistics. Working period for summer usually begins in May or June and ends in the beginning of September or end of August. 


We also provide a chance for the students to work for their thesis in our research center and other departments.

How to apply for a job in Outokumpu Tornio?

A skilled personnel is the most important resource for Outokumpu. In an international company such as Outokumpu, employees have excellent chances to develop their careers in a variety of positions and tasks. If you would like to be a part of our team, please provice your application here:

Portal for job applications



 Outokumpu Tornio production (in Finnish)