​Take a significant step toward a career at Outokumpu

​Even if you haven’t completed your studies yet, there are many excellent possibilities waiting for you at Outokumpu. Join us in short-term internship/trainee positions and work on challenging and meaningful projects every day. We can also offer summer jobs so you can gain practical experience during your academic studies. Final thesis or diploma work assignments are also a good way to get acquainted with Outokumpu before you graduate.


We offer students local internships in various units around the world. Internships are an excellent starting point for a career at Outokumpu and offer interesting challenges and opportunities. Depending on the current projects in our company and your qualifications, we can offer you an internship either in the technical or the commercial sphere. With this cooperation you get valuable insight and experience and we gain fresh thinking and knowledge.

Summer jobs

Outokumpu employs hundreds of students during the summer every year. The summer jobs are located in different sites, mainly in Finland and Sweden. The positions are within different fields, e.g. production, logistics, R&D, finance and marketing. The tasks and requirements vary depending on the position and location of work. In general the summer job period starts in May-June and continues until the end of August.

Thesis or diploma work

If you are about to successfully complete your studies, writing a practice-oriented thesis or diploma work in our company could be just the right thing for you. There are thesis opportunities for students on both bachelor and master level for example within R&D. The project is often a continuation of a successful summer job period. Writing your thesis or diploma work with us will give you the opportunity to get to know us as a potential employer. Let us know your preferred subject, or find one with us.

Cooperation with universities and institutes

Through close cooperation with universities and institutes, Outokumpu ensures knowledge transfer between science and practice. We work actively with educational institutions to share and develop competence through research work, traineeships, thesis projects and other business projects. Outokumpu Research & Development centers are located in Finland, Germany and Sweden and have partnerships with top educational institutions. Local Outokumpu units also participate in local career fairs and other student events at our partner schools. 

Attributes we are expecting from students

We hire students with technical degrees (Bachelors, Masters) in disciplines such as process metallurgy, mechanical or industrial engineering. We also look for students with degrees (Bachelors, Masters) in non-technical areas such as management, finance, marketing, human resources, and communications. We also invite applicants with other backgrounds to apply.

Most of all we look for people with the right attitude: innovative, team-oriented individuals who value a curious attitude and courage to ask even the toughest questions. Dedication, talent and enthusiasm are prerequisites to joining us as a student, as is the ability to use English as a working language. You should feel at home working in a multicultural environment with global teams.