​Surround yourself with people who share passion for performance

​Even if you have many years of professional experience, it‘s still important to continue being curious and looking for new challenges to grow and develop. We are searching for people with these attributes, both in managerial and specialist roles, to work in our production plants, sales offices, service centers and at our head office. Whether you are a technical expert or a business or engineering professional, find your own role in shaping our industry and building a sustainable future.

Technical experts

Outokumpu’s success is largely dependent on the competences and skills of our experts. Whether you work as an operator, machinist or mechanic, we are always looking for qualified personnel to keep us ahead of the game.

We offer you excellent development opportunities and support you in your professional growth. With your competences and commitment we can forge the future together. We place high value on teamwork and fairness; we know that people who feel appreciated and motivated can deliver the quality we are looking for.

Business and engineering professionals

Outokumpu offers challenging projects that demand commitment, creativity and professionalism. With your expertise, you will strengthen interdisciplinary teams that can make the impossible possible and find solutions for the world’s most critical problems: clean energy, clean water and efficient infrastructure. At Outokumpu you can expect technological and strategic challenges which, depending on your area of expertise, may also involve working abroad.

We are searching for people to work in fields like sales, marketing, finance, production and R&D. Most of our employees have a background in engineering or business but we are open to everyone who displays the curiosity and enthusiasm for teamwork and excellence in performance. As a professional, you will have a proven track record of excellence in your field.

We are interested in attracting the best talent: people who are courageous to ask difficult questions and then go about finding the answers to them. Applicants need to prove a strong orientation towards business results, creating customer value and strategic innovation. Intercultural sensitivity and the ability to collaborate are basic requirements. If you are open-minded and able to employ your analytical and conceptual skills to conceive big projects and see them through to successful completion, Outokumpu is the perfect place for you.