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​LEED certification program now encourages much longer building life and energy modeling to reduce energy use.

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​​​Recycling maximized​​​​​

Stainless steel is 100% recyclable. It is the most recycled material in the world, and its quality is preserved in the process.

Our stainless steel contains the highest proportion of recycled content on the market, and we keep pushing this further to conserve virgin raw materials. Increasing this recycled share is the single most effective measure we have to reduce our environmental impact.

Using Outokumpu’s stainless steel decreases your own carbon footprint and that of your customers.​​​​

​​Nothing to hide​​​​​

Our supply chain is pristine, just like the stainless steel we produce. We make the strictest possible demands of ourselves as an organization.

But our efforts don’t end there. To qualify to work with Outokumpu, our suppliers and contractors are held to the same stringent requirements.

This means that our customers’ supply chains – and, in turn, those of their customers – benefit from the rigorous standards and high transparency we uphold. We track data at every step, and provide continually updated product statements and declarations covering everything we do.​


People make things from stainless steel when they need them to last. Stainless pays for itself in the long term thanks to its durability, strength, low weight and resistance to corrosion.

But all stainless steels are not created equal. Outokumpu’s customers have access to the best expertise in the industr​y to help them identify the precise material and grade for any application.

Selecting Outokumpu’s stainless steel means making the right choice at the beginning of the life-cycle to make it a long-lasting, cost-efficient and sustainable one.​


Outokumpu’s stainless steel is already serving as the backbone of industries like solar power, biofuels, wind energy, green construction, low-carbon transportation, sea-water purification and surgical equipm​ent​​.

The world’s need for more sustainable alternatives is a vital driver for us. The more challenging this need becomes, the better. Including Outokumpu’s stainless steel makes any product more sustainable.​​​

​These four value propositions showcase Outokumpu's strengths, which answer key sustainability needs. By selecting Outokumpu's stainless steel, our customers also benefit from these in their own sustainability efforts. Combined, we call them Stainless Stainless.​​

Acquaint yourself with our customer case example or watch the video, and ask more from your local Outokumpu representative.​

Sustainability case: Valmet

​​​​Outokumpu stainless a key component in transparent value chain for Valmet customers.​​

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Sustainable Operations

Production of stainless steel is an intensive industrial process, also in terms of energy and materials. EHSQ (Environmental Health Safety and Quality) is a top priority for Outokumpu.


Sustainable Products

Outokumpu stainless steels help our customers to create more efficient solutions with lower life cycle impact. Stainless steel is a key building block for a sustainable future.


Sustainability report

Outokumpu publishes an annual Sustainability Report intended for our stakeholders: personnel, shareholders and customers as well as all parties interested in our company and its activities.

Read our Sustainability report

Climate change

In addition to world class energy efficiency, Outokumpu also aims to minimize our effect on climate change.

Climate change case

Product lifecycle

A high proportion of recycled steel, energy efficiency and low-carbon energy sources have enabled us to systematically decrease our products’ environmental footprint.


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