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Chemical company reaps benefits of duplex tank upgrade

APR 08, 2016    

​Chemical company reaps benefits of duplex tank upgrade

​Reaping significant material and cost savings, Acideka of Spain has opted to use Outokumpu duplex stainless steel for its brand new liquid storage tank terminal at the Port of Bilbao. Acideka has more than 40 years of experience in the chemicals business and knows the challenges they present very well. 

The Problem

By 2007, Acideka’s liquid storage tank at the Port of Bilbao in Spain had become too small to meet the company’s needs. Liquid storage is such an integral part of a chemical production and delivery chain that Acideka began to plan an expansion which would introduce 12 new liquid tanks to the terminal. 

The Solution

Acideka contracted international process systems manufacturer, De Dietrich Equipos Químico, to carry out the liquid storage tank engineering. They are the Spanish arm of De Dietrich Process Systems.

The liquid storage tank engineers got in touch with Outokumpu in Barcelona to request an estimate for the austenitic grade 1.4404 (316L). The grade is the conventional material used to build liquid storage tanks for moderately corrosive chemicals.

The sales-and-technical team at Outokumpu suggested that duplex would be a far better material for the expansion plan. The team explained the characteristics and benefits of duplex grades for liquid storage tank fabricators and owners.

Because of duplex’s high mechanical strength, thinner gauges can be used and less material can be used in production. The duplex grades also offer better corrosion resistance than their austenitic counterparts. Acideka opted to use Outokumpu’s duplex 2304 instead of the austenitic grade.

The Results

Acideka reaped more than a 20 percent saving in material. Further savings were also made because of the reduced welding and handling involved in Outokumpu’s 2-meter-wide coil process plates. Usually, the process involves far narrower coil widths.

The Technical manager at De Dietrich Equipos Químicos applauds Outokumpu’s Spanish team for the expert advice and collaboration they provided on the liquid storage tank project. They recognize Outokumpu’s expertise with special grades and corrosion.

Outokumpu has a long history of supplying materials for liquid storage tanks, and this recent instalment with Acideka only strengthens its presence. ​