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Unique steel grade for advanced thermal windows


Unique steel grade for advanced thermal windows


The problem

PPG Industries, Inc. (PPG) had designed a window spacer system with advanced thermal design. PPG turned to GED Integrated Solutions (GED), to design, manufacture, and market equipment to produce the spacer, that was named Intercept® Spacer System. To further enhance thermal performance of Intercept, GED needed to find a material supplier with the technology and production expertise necessary to produce a unique stainless steel for the spacer. GED turned to its service center, Berlin Metals, for a recommendation.


The solution

Berlin Metals contacted Outokumpu about this unusual request. Outokumpu jumped at the opportunity to engineer a unique 304 stainless steel alloy (in coil form) with both the best thermal attributes and the highest machinability quotient. Outokumpu’s technical experts in Sweden modified an existing grade to meet the customers’ exacting requirements. After about a year of focused customer service and technical innovation, GED began marketing the stainless steel spacer to premier window manufacturers. Each stainless steel spacer is composed of the Outokumpu specially engineered stainless product, which has been trademarked VildaV92™ by Berlin Metals.

About VildaV92™

VildaV92™ is a specially engineered stainless steel with the best thermal attributes and highest machinability quotient.