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Product views
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Stainless steel slabs for improved yield and cost efficiency in heavy forging

9月 16, 2015    
Using stainless steel slabs instead of ingots in heavy forging provides significant cost and material savings. Outokumpu, global leader in high-performance stainless steels, will showcase its 300 mm thick stainless steel slabs at MetalForm China 2015 in Shanghai.

Slabs vs. ingots in fo​​rging

Cast slabs up to 300 mm in thickness offer numerous benefits over traditionally used ingots. Forging an ingot requires more heating, work, energy and time than forming a slab. Due to the ingot’s narrow, tapering shape, the heads and tails must be discarded, resulting in wasted material. Using slabs saves resources and increases yield by 8 to 15%.

Single producer for 300 mm thick slabs i​​​n Europe

Continuously cast slabs are delivered ground or unground up to a maximum weight of 30 tonnes. Stainless steel slabs are used widely in demanding applications such as flanges, power plant components, shipbuilding, marine parts and petrochemical pipes and parts. Outokumpu is the only company in Europe to produce 300 mm thick stainless steel slabs.

Quality, reliability and​ customer care

Praised by customers for its high standards of quality and reliability, Outokumpu has extensive experience supplying semi-finished products to forging customers around the world. Outokumpu’s expert teams provide tailored advisory services helping customers choose the ideal product for their specific application.

Outokumpu has over a century of experience creating efficient, long-lasting and recyclable stainless steels. Its global offering includes quality-critical long products for forging, and the production sites are located in the UK, Sweden and the US, all renowned for their high quality products, flexibility and world-class delivery performance.

Outokumpu is displaying its cast stainless steel semi-finished offering at booth #F16 at MetalForm China, Shanghai from 16 to 19 September 2015.

Read more about Outokumpu’s long products offering at outokumpu.com/longproducts.