​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Product views​​​​

Product views

Outokumpu Nordic gives shortcut to tailored stainless products

9月 30, 2015    
Short lead times, flexible sizes, just-in-time delivery, tailored solutions – this is the express-lane for offering of Outokumpu’s agile Nordic Service Center based in Eskilstuna, Sweden.

“We provide the kind of swift service that our mills aren’t able to supply. Our job is to deliver stainless to customer quickly and reliably,” says Managing Director Petri Kujala.

Outokumpu Nordic is a customer-oriented production unit with an expanded portfolio of Outokumpu coil and sheet products. It has its own production facilities and stocks, and it doubles as Outokumpu’s sales office in Sweden.

“We offer a wide range of custom-cut coil and sheet products as well as materials from the mills. Our services include slitting, cutting, polishing, brushing and guillotine shear cutting,” explains Kujala.

Working for ​​​solutions

As its name suggests, great service is the driving force of the Nordic service center. “We listen to our customers and try to find the best solution to ensure that both parties are happy, with a realistic profit goal,” says Kujala.

A customer might for instance request a special kind of packaging, non-standard delivery terms, or unusual dimensions. “We evaluate the challenge carefully, collect all the relevant data and, when necessary, utilize our network to solve the problem. In all cases we strive to build up a strong relationship and provide world-class support.”

About 65 to 68 percent of Nordic’s business is in Sweden, followed by Denmark, Norway and Finland. Small volumes are also delivered to other European countries, chiefly to distributors and to the automotive, domestic appliance and construction industries.

Close to cu​​stomer

A good example of going the proverbial extra mile is the case of a major Swedish automotive customer who recently decided to source all its steel directly from Outokumpu Nordic rather than going through a distributor.

“The customer had about 100 items in the portfolio, so it was challenging to produce. But thanks to our customer-oriented personnel, we successfully built up a direct delivery concept in only three months,” says Kujala.

“Our role is to be near our customers and give them the service they expect without the frills. In the future, I would like to see even closer co-operation with our customers.”

​​Anders Kåberg checks the product quality. Every employee is responsible for checking that the quality of stainless meets the customer requirements.  Anders Kåberg prepares the cut-to-length line for production Dean Sakovic operates​​ the cut-to-length line  Elin Andersson loads the sheets to truck and delivery to customer starts. Nordic transports all of its deliveries with trucks Fredrik Karlsson prepares coil for slitting.  Gudrun Eriksson removes interleaving paper at the grinding line. Outokumpu Nordic’s Managing Director Petri Kujala: “Excellent location, responsible and professional staff and high quality products are the strengths why to choose Nordic Service Center for your delivery.”  Leif Larsson packs non-standard sheets for customer delivery Stefan Ivarsson drives the forklift. Efficient stocking services are significant part of service center Nordic’s operations.  Thomas Karlsson drives the crane in coil warehouse From left to right: Sami Kuivamäki, Jussi Tapio, Gudrun Eriksson, Anette Ilbäcks, Mårten Kinnemar, Ulrika Blomstrand, Anders Krantz, Elin Anderssson, Fredrik L Andersson, Göran Jansson, Jan Nilsson, Philip Paijkull, Petri Kujala, Stefan Ivarsson, Ulrika Pramskog-Thur, Eva-Marie Lindblom, Eva Carlsson, Thomas Karlsson, Catarina Alsin, Mats Riedl, Anders Hedenström, Åke Rehnholm, Morgan Söderqvist and Thanh Tran.