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NORSOK material qualification opens new possibilities

1月 23, 2015    

Outokumpu’s site in Avesta, Sweden has been qualified to deliver 2205, 2507, EDX 2304TM, 254SMO and 4529 grades according to NORSOK, an oil and gas industry application standard. The approval helps to meet the needs of our existing customers who value high quality enduring materials, as well as to serve new potential customers.

Standard for high quality 

Says Cecilia Lille, project leader for NORSOK approval team at Avesta, Sweden: “The NORSOK standard puts high demands for the material properties, such as corrosion resistance and microstructure. From the producer, the NORSOK standard requires for example process stability and ability to do heat treatment within a narrow temperature range. Reaching the required material properties and acquiring the qualification is the result of the persistent work of Avesta team. “

Audit by customer 

Audit in the NORSOK standard approval process is always done by a customer. For Avesta, the auditor was Aker Solutions, an engineering company from Norway. The audit process consisted of carefully following the material process route and a detailed examination of the heat treatment. After the NORSOK approval, the oil industry giant Statoil added Avesta to their list of fully qualified NORSOK suppliers. 

“This is a remarkable achievement for the company, as many smaller companies and distributors follow the Statoil list and only buy NORSOK approved material,” highlights Lille. 

New possibilities 

For Avesta, the NORSOK approval opens new doors for selling more of our advanced stainless steels.

“It gives Avesta the possibility to better serve the needs of the customers who require NORSOK approved materials. For example, Avesta now has the means to compete for several large oil rig projects in the North Sea,” notes Lille.