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New CNC milling and drilling machine expands machining services available at Outokumpu

12月 08, 2014    

As part of continuous improvement, Outokumpu has recently replaced one of its CNC Milling and drilling machines at its plate service center in Aalten, the Netherlands. “In line with customer demand, with this new machine we wanted to expand our service offering as well as increase our production flexibility for machined parts,” says Eric Bartels, Plate Service Centers’ improvement manager at Outokumpu.

The machining has a wider production table (2200x800 mm) compared to the older machine which enhances production efficiency and flexibility in several fronts. “We can now process wider dimensions with smaller tolerances and group smaller orders together for faster and flexibly production output. An advantage is that the clamping tool can stay on the table while continuing the production of another orders on the other side,” continues Bartels.  ​

"Enlarged offering and efficiencies in production are not the only benefits to customers of the new machine," highlights Bartels and continues: "The machine upgrade contributes also to better product quality since the internal cooling system based on extremely high pressure (70 Bar) clearly prolongs the useful lifetime of the machine tools but also improves the overall machining precision."

An extra advantage of the high pressure cooling is that circular milling is now one of the extra opportunities.​

Customers in many industries requiring machined parts benefit from the enhanced service offering such as producers of special flanges or complex parts for machine builders in the chemical and food industry.