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High performance alloys offer the solution to exhaust gas cleaning

12月 22, 2014    
​ “A Practical Guide to Scrubber Systems” seminar was organized in mid-November in Miami US. The seminar targeted the challenges that the shipping industry is facing from the beginning of the year 2015 when the North American ECA comes into act.

ECA means “Emission Control Area” and as from 1/1 2015 vessels that operates in these areas are not allowed to discharge more then 0,1% sulphur in their exhaust gases. To comply with these regulations ship owners have 3 alternatives. Firstly they could change fuel to low sluphur fuel, MGO, which is more expensive than regular fuel. Secondly they could change fuel to LNG, but that requires a quite an expensive investment. Third option is to install a scrubber to clean, “scrubb” the exhaust gases. In the third alternative the preferred material selection are our high performance alloys like 254 SMO® or the super duplex 2507.

Attendees at the seminar where ship owners, scrubber manufacturers, measurements equipment suppliers and consultants in the marine business. Outokumpu is today supplying material to several of the scrubber manufacturers as well as to some of the ship owners.

According to some participants at the seminar there are as much as 5000 vessels that are spending so much of their time in a ECA that it would be more beneficial to install a scrubber instead of changing to low sulphur fuel.