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Fast Track program enhanced in USA

10月 28, 2014    

Outokumpu’s Stainless Pipe facility in Wildwood, Florida (USA) announces a more robust “Fast Track” program designed to fill emergency orders for small volume, non-standard pipe products. 

Key to the program’s improvement is the new 6,000 ton, fully automated press at the Wildwood mill which allows the mill team to produce heavy wall pipe from plate supplied by the Outokumpu quarto plate mill in New Castle, Indiana. With immediate access to the raw plate material, Fast Track orders can be placed quickly into production on the new press and adjacent plasma cutter.

“Since bringing the new press on line, we have been able to fill orders to spec and on time for emergency, non-standard pipe,” explained Roger Ricketts, Outokumpu Pipe Commercial Manager in the Americas. Non-standard orders can include large diameter (over 14” nominal pipe size), specialty grades, custom lengths, and unique wall thicknesses. Typical Fast Track orders range from 10” to 24” diameter in duplex 2205 Code Plus Two® as well as 304L, 316L, 321, and 347.
“Many of these orders are being placed by customers in the oil & gas segment. For example, when an oil refinery is shut down for routine maintenance, a need for replacement pipe may be identified. Getting this pipe to the refinery as quickly as possible can help the refinery avoid an extended shutdown and the lost production costs associated with a delay,” Ricketts reported. 
Depending on the customer location and the specifications of the order, most Fast Track pipe can be delivered in one week. “Whether it’s normal maintenance or last minute design changes, we’re ready to supply small quantities of pipe to our customers when they need them,” said Ricketts.