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Daniel Krebs: Martensitic – in a class by itself

3月 06, 2015    
Designed for exceptional applications, martensitic steel occupies an exceptionally small niche in the stainless steel market. But it is a niche that general manager Daniel Krebs of steel trading house STAHL KREBS knows well. Krebs will speak at the breakout session during the Outokumpu Experience on the grade’s unique characteristics and uncommon applications.

Because martensitic steel is heat-treatable, it provides a wide range of hardness and strength. Particularly well suited for use in knives, cutlery and medical instruments, martensitic steel plays an essential – if understated – role.

“In the hospital, you can be confident that instruments produced from martensitic steel will deliver the ultimate performance,” Krebs says. “In the kitchen, knives made from martensitic steel allow complete precision. It’s a very powerful product that is used every day.”

“It is used for only a few specialized applications,” he adds, “but these are applications for which austenitic, ferritic and duplex steel cannot be used.”

History of cooperation

Based in Solingen, Germany, a city known around the world for quality knives and cutlery, the Krebs organization traces its roots to 1882. STAHL KREBS and Outokumpu have worked closely together for most of that time.

“For more than 100 years, there has been a very close cooperation between these two companies,” Krebs notes.

Strong support forms the basis of that cooperation. “Martensitic steel requires unique treatment,” Krebs says. “We provide extensive customer support on use of this grade, and we turn to Outokumpu for assistance with that. Outokumpu is willing to do specialty business with us, even though the quantities we’re dealing with are very small. There is a high level of trust between our two companies.”​