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Calvert mill ramps up and delivers

7月 31, 2014    
Original text by Michael Larkin, published in Forever 2/2014

Outokumpu’s Calvert mill in the Southern U.S. state of Alabama has moved from a ramp-up project to a world class, integrated production facility.

The Calvert mill today features two annealing lines, three cold-rolling mills, a finishing and polishing facility as well as a host of other machinery. Additionally, it has the services of an on-site hot-rolling mill. But perhaps the crown jewel of its recent procurements is its new melt shop. “It has opened the way for our mill to supply the Americas region with all of its hot band needs,” says Mick Wallis, Outokumpu’s Senior Vice President of NAFTA Operations.


Benefits for customers

With the Calvert facility now in full production, Wallis sees a host of benefits for customers in the Americas region. “Firstly, the establishment of our melt shop means our manufacturing lead times are down to four weeks from five months, giving our customers more flexibility in timing their orders while at the same time helping keep inventory costs under control."

“Secondly, we now can supply one of the widest ranges of austenitic and ferritic products in the industry, and are the only U.S. mill that can produce 72-inch coil, sheet and CMP. We can also slit 72-inch stock into a wider range of sizes resulting in higher utilization rates for our customers.

“Thirdly, we now supply our Mexinox cold-rolling mill in San Luis Potosí, Mexico, with all of its hot band needs. This means that our product range combined with the specialized ferritic products from the Mexinox mill offer our Americas customers a one-stop shop for almost all their stainless needs. “And fourthly, because we are now ‘100 percent melted in America’, we can fulfill customer orders that stipulate stainless steel be locally manufactured.”


Invitation to visit

The Calvert state-of-the-art mill has drawn great interest from regional customers, and has already hosted hundreds of safe visits from those interested in experiencing its modern operations. “We welcome our customers to come pay us a visit,” concludes Wallis.