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Outokumpu news
可持续性; 高温
Forta; Outokumpu Pro

Building for the future

The megatrends of tomorrow are already impacting life today. Building and infrastructure industry is shifting toward life-cycle thinking and sustainable solutions.

With increasing urbanization, cities are growing larger and buildings are growing taller. In a highly mobile world, the number of vehicles of all types is exploding, and infrastructure needs are rising rapidly.

As developers shift their focus from investment cost to life-cycle cost, building materials are a crucial concern. In sustainable design, every aspect of the building’s environmental footprint must be carefully considered. LEED certification is rapidly becoming the gold standard.

Infrastructure needs are no less challenging. Aging systems must meet the needs of a rapidly growing, highly mobile society – safely and efficiently.

Highly functio​​​nal products

Sustainable and cost-effective, stainless steel plays a leading role in the building and infrastructure industry. The recent Outokumpu Experience event in Berlin served as a valuable forum of new products and solutions. Core 4622, for instance, delivers outstanding performance: strong corrosion resistance, improved drawability and it is virtually roping-free – at stable price.

The visual quality of stainless steel is equally important. In the urban environment, where light pollution is a growing concern, unique finishes are both elegant and highly functional. Outokumpu’s new Deco Supermatt emits a subtle yet non-reflective glow.

Sustainable solutions

An aging infrastructure creates a rising demand. Urban developers rely on stainless steel to carry the load. Stainless steel rebar – like Forta EDX 2304 – is a proven solution for bridges compromised by marine environments or deicing salts.

The only stainless steel manufacturer to provide chloride threshold data, Outokumpu offers a uniquely sustainable solution for road and bridge projects: Environmental Product Declarations allow customers to determine the carbon footprint created by their projects.

From LEED-certified projects to infrastructure improvements, Outokumpu is an active partner in providing global leadership in sustainable solutions.