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Find the grade for your needs at Stainless Steel Finder

1月 13, 2015    

​"Stainless Steel Finder offers detailed information on a selection of grades offered by Outokumpu and helps our customers choose the right grade for their needs. Service has proved to be very popular among our customers looking for information on stainless steel selection," says Johanna Paija, Digital Marketing Manager at Outokumpu.

Stainless Steel Finder offers mechanical and physical properties of stainless steels, chemical composition, corrosion rates and a wide range of other grade information.

Discover how grade selection affects material consumption 

Steelfinder's calculation tools allow you discover to how steel grade selection affects the material consumption in pressure vessels and storage tanks. In addition to stainless steel grades, you can also calculate material consumption of stainless steel grades in comparison to carbon steel grades.

Improved usability

Stainless Steel Finder is now more user-friendly than ever. In addition to improved usability, you can now search a grade and easily download grade specific data sheets. Service is now accesible from tables and mobile devices, too, and the Stainless Steel Finder app for Android is available at Play Store.

"As always at Outokumpu, we put the customer first and strive to improve our services to better serve the needs of our customers. Working together with our customers we want to improve also Stainless Steel Finder and appreciate your time to give us feedback and further improvement ideas through a survey available at Stainless Steel Finder," concludes Paija.

When more details and assistance in material selection are required, you can always contact our sales people.