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Expert views

Hans Groth: A world of possibilities

5月 12, 2015    
Outokumpu’s involvement in development of broad-based standards for use of stainless steel is more than an academic exercise. In his presentation at Outokumpu Experience Hans Groth notes that it is a true game changer. “Standardization really opens a world of possibilities in the use of new high-strength stainless steel materials,” he says.

Exciting duplex stainless steel grades will play an important role in many of those possibilities. “Many people are familiar with standard grades,” he says, “but today there are many more grades, especially in the duplex class.”

Building on extensive study and research, Groth will showcase the ways in which the duplex grades can be used, and give guidance in navigating the new standards.

​Unlocking new potential

Stainless steel has been included in the European design code for only the past 15 years. Previously, the approach varied country by country. The new model of standardization creates a comprehensive and harmonized approach, and that unlocks new potential.

“Without standards, the use of some materials can be very, very complicated or even restricted,” he says. “With standards, material selection is greatly simplified.”

The Outokumpu Experience is an ideal forum for discussion of the impact of standardization. “The most important part of it is the opportunity to meet our customers, exchange ideas and discuss their projects,” Groth says. “I expect to learn as much as they do.”