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Stainless solutions for pulp mills

5月 20, 2013    

​Outokumpu introduces a new service concept for pulp-mill machinery and equipment manufacturers, supplying an optimized package of prefabricated duplex plate sections for Metso ND to build digesters and reactors for the chemical cellulose producer.

Solutions for aggressive conditions

Sappi Saiccor is the world leader in chemical cellulose in many ways. With its production facility near the port city of Durban in South Africa, the company is by far the world’s largest manufacturer of this product, used extensively to make viscose staple fiber for textiles. Sappi Saiccor will soon strengthen its role further with a complete new fiber line. A pulp-mill fiber line is a process that involves many wet and aggressive stages. As a result, Sappi Saiccor’s expansion utilizes thousands of tons of stainless steel – coil, plate, and tubular products, in many grades including large amounts of duplex stainless steel.


All in the kit

The new fiber line incorporates 11 pulp digesters. Outokumpu is applying its hot-rolled plate capabilities in a novel way: Outokumpu has put together packages of prefabricated plate sections, delivered as kits to the digester manufacturer Metso ND Engineering (Pty) Ltd. of South Africa for quick assembly at the Metso ND plant in Durban. In so doing, Outokumpu has moved towards providing stainless steel solutions. By sourcing the entire duplex plate kit from one supplier, Metso ND has considerably simplified its procurement task and has successfully managed to complete the entire delivery on a tight schedule.


Symphony of players

To make the kits, Outokumpu first rolled Outokumpu 2205 duplex plates, purpose-designed for the application, at the Group’s hot rolled plate plant in Sweden. The plates were delivered from the Outokumpu mill ready for assembly, preformed, polished, and with edges prepared for welding. Cold forming of complicated sections was carried out at the neighboring plant of the metal fabricator Deform AB. In addition to the digesters, Outokumpu supplied tailor-made plates with edges prepared for welding for two reactors and three spheres, all manufactured by Metso ND. The reactor heads where produced by Halikko Works in Finland.​