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Customer views
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Outokumpu supplies stainless steel to tube manufacturers around the world

4月 14, 2014    

​​​We’re a strong partner for tube manufacturers – our selection will not be short of grades, widths, or thicknesses.​​


Outokumpu supplies stainless steel to tube manufacturers around the world 

“The requirements for the supplier vary a lot; one customer may produce tubes for a very complex project, while  another’s key driver is a competitive price,” says Mika Valtonen from Outokumpu sales.

We will meet your every need​

Outokumpu offers tube manufacturers stainless steel in different grades from standard austenitics and ferritics into special grades such as duplex and high performance austenitics. “Because of our broad product portfolio, customers can get the full package from Outokumpu. Materials are often delivered in phases over a long period of time. This is not a problem to us, we are flexible and can handle both short and long delivery times,” he says.  “Many customers are looking for wider coils and Outokumpu is one of the few producers that can offer wider material up to 2 meters. We are also the forerunner in duplex grades,” Valtonen adds.

An extensive product range is possible because Outokumpu’s production sites are well-adapted for the various scenarios. Our plants can offer large-volume production, quarto plate, very thin and thick material.


You can count on us to keep your production efficient

Outokumpu emphasizes quality control in production. “For example, Outokumpu is able to produce steel with strict thickness tolerances, very close to minimum thickness. This makes tube manufacturers' production more efficient and allows them to run their production without interruptions,” he continues. Some tube manufacturers require special grades to meet environmental standards, including companies in the oil & gas, energy, desalination, or pulp & paper industries. “It is very important to us that our customers are able to trust that we deliver according to requirements and within the agreed timeframe. We put continuous effort on our delivery performance,” Valtonen says.


We’re here to help you succeed

Sosta is one of the major European manufacturers of welded stainless steel pipes. Based near Leipzig, in eastern Germany, Sosta serves clients like oil giants Shell, PDO, ExxonMobil, and Saudi Aramco. Sosta is focused on entering new markets worldwide, including the sub-sea market. Sosta's business differs from standard production because it serves a niche market in which end customers often change the requirements at short notice.

According to Roel van Paassen, Managing Director of Sosta, the liquefied natural gas (LNG) market shows strong potential. “Outokumpu's quality, its production capacity, and its scope of products will help us to enter new sub-sea markets."


Our support and expertise at your service​

​​Business-to-business relationships are often long term. Companies such as Sosta rely on support and services to keep the partnership strong. Outokumpu is not only delivering stainless steel to customers, but also offering technical expertise.​ "Working together is equally important with new and existing customers. Understanding the customer needs makes it possible to offer the most suitable steel grade based on cost or properties of stainless," says Nicole Friedrich, Outokumpu's sales contact to Sosta.

Outokumpu offers technical support in case the customer is considering the change from one steel grade into another. Outokumpu also supports customers in stainless steel treatments. For example, weldability is very important for tube manufacturers. “Close collaboration with customers is important as it helps us improve further. This can be a genuine win-win situation,” Friedrich summarizes.​​​​​​