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Customer views

Russia’s pulp and paper plant modernization

6月 03, 2013    

​​Outokumpu is the supplier of stainless steel piping for an extensive modernization and expansion at the Mondi Syktyvkar pulp and paper mill complex in Russia.

Among other fast-growing markets, international paper and packaging group, Mondi is putting a lot of focus on Russia. The group operates an integrated pulp and paper mill complex nearSyktyvkar, the capital of the Komi Republic of Russia. The complex, which is around 1,000 kilometers east of St. Petersburg, is one of the largest production sites within the country’s pulp and paper industry.

The complex operates with a production capacity of 830,000 tons of uncoated fine paper, newsprint and containerboard each year. With 5,000 employees, the site is practically a small town. The Mondi Syktyvkar was acquired by Mondi in 2002, and has long been on the group’s upgrade list.


The project

Under the umbrella of the ongoing Project STEP, Mondi Syktyvkar is now increasing pulp production by 190,000 tons and paper and board production by 100,000 tons per year. Project STEP will effectively rebuild the complex.

The Mondi Syktyvkar rebuild requires approximately 1,000 tons of stainless steel piping, in diameters from 17mm to 1200mm, in both standard austenitic and duplex grades.


The solution

Mondi and their main engineering consultant, Pöyry have trusted the entire deal to Outokumpu as the exclusive supplier of steel piping. The deal constitutes one of Outokumpu’s largest steel piping supplies to date for a single project and represents a landmark deal for the group.

Outokumpu has a distinct advantage for large projects because of its ability to supply the entire range of required steel piping products. This is possible thanks to Outokumpu’s portfolio of welded stainless steel piping and fittings which comprises the widest range in the industry.


The results

Outokumpu’s steel piping and other materials are now a part of Mondi Syktyvkar’s new machinery and equipment. They are a leading supplier of stainless products, both flatand tubular, for all the main providers of pulp and paper technology, and many of these are suppliers for Mondi Syktyvkar. They explain that a full-package delivery makes good sense for end users like Mondi Syktyvkar. A representative notes that “both Mondi and Pöyry trust our quality.”

Outokumpu have a long history of shared projects with the three companies.       ​​