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Customer views

Nuclear fusion experiment built with stainless

5月 27, 2013    

Outokumpu has embarked upon an expedition to the frontiers of science by participating in an experimental nuclear fusion reactor project. Supplied is stainless steel for the cryostat around the reactor’s core.

Towards early realization of fusion energy

The project is being completed by the Japan Atomic Energy Agency and the European Union with the aim of contributing to the early realization of nuclear fusion energy. The experimental reactor is being built in Japan, and is intended to provide key answers relating to fusion thermonuclear reaction.

Hotter than the core of the sun

At the core of the experimental reactor is a device that provides the atmosphere where the fusion reaction takes place, i.e. in plasmas at a temperature that exceeds the core of the sun. The device is encased in a cryostat, which keeps magnets at cryogenic temperatures necessary to maintain them in the superconducting state.

Stainless by Outokumpu

All stainless material for the cryostat is produced and supplied by Outokumpu.
Hirokuni Yoshida, head of Outokumpu’s sales force in Japan, comments: “Outokumpu has an extensive and high-profile track record in supplying stainless steel for the nuclear industry, where standards for product safety and reliability cannot be overestimated.”