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Customer views
腐蚀; 表面

Montanstahl head office ​building

5月 20, 2013    

​​Montanstahl builds a new corporate head office with a novel duplex stainless steel skin as a reminder of the many possibilities duplex offers.
Swiss steel-profile manufacturer Montanstahl specializes in customized products including special shapes and structural sections. Using both stainless and carbon steel, Montanstahl’s emphasis is always on innovation and use of the best available technology.


The concept

Underscoring their role in the industry, Montanstahl celebrated the company’s 25th anniversary in 2008 with two unique stainless steel items: a new head office building, built using Outokumpu’s duplex LDX 2101® as a cladding material, and three stainless sculptures by Albanian artist Helidon Xhixha.
Outokumpu has been a long-time, steady stainless supplier for Montanstahl. Together the partners have promoted the use of duplex LDX 2101 as a competent and competitive replacement for conventional austenitic grades. With corrosion resistance close to that of austenitic 1.4404 (316L), LDX 2101 has almost double the strength, which allows for major gauge and weight reductions. Achieving this with only 1.5% nickel (as compared to about 10% nickel in 1.4404), LDX 2101 offers appreciable price stability against fluctuating raw material prices.

Montanstahl’s CEO Michael Stumm says about their new building: “We looked for a concept that would represent our company and our aspirations, offering something new and ground-breaking to the market.” He explains that they have found LDX 2101 to be a good cladding alternative, well meeting their needs for corrosion resistance.


The solution

The surface finish is Scotch Brite, a polished surface smooth enough to be almost maintenance free – only rainfall will be needed to keep the surfaces clean.
The wall cladding in the entrance hall of the building also makes wide use of stainless, consisting of 1.4301 (304). The three unique sculptures in front of the building, commissioned for the site, are fabricated from 1.4404. Hailed among the frontline contemporary artists of the day, artist Xhixha has a special relationship with stainless steel, which is his primary raw material in sculptures​