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Luxurious look with flawless functionality

5月 15, 2015    

Two new-generation steel grades from Outokumpu receive a resounding approval from Vemta, Finnish makers of premiu​​m-quality designer drains.

Outokumpu ferritic 4622 and austenitic 316plus were recently put through a battery of tests by Vemta, a Finnish company specializing in high-quality sheet-metal drains, washbasins and grating made of stainless and acid-proof steel.

“We tested a variety of metalworking techniques such as plasma-cutting, mechanical cutting, bending, welding, manual burnishing and pickling. The results confirmed that the new grades easily fulfill our strict quality criteria,” says Vemta CEO Sulo Nevala.

Form follows function

For Vemta, timeless eye appeal goes hand in hand with flawless functionality. Every detail is designed to keep the product as clean as possible. Welded seams are minimized, and water trap components are manufactured by deep drawing to inhibit bacterial growth.

Deep drawing is a manufacturing process performed with a punch and die in which sheet metal is formed into a cup or box structure. It is widely used for producing household items from pots and pans to kitchen sinks. The outstanding deep drawability of Outokumpu 4622 is an asset that clearly differentiates this grade from competing products.

“We see great commercial potential for this material, which falls somewhere between stainless and acid-proof steel. There are countless promising applications, from floor basins to rainwater drains. It’s perfect for products that don’t need to be acid-proof, yet it offers greater acid-resistance than 1.4509 steel,” explains Nevala.

Luxurious look and feel

As a company that takes pride in its reputation for high-end design, Vemta welcomes the high-quality finish of the new grades.

“The 2B surface in particular performed excellently in tests, retaining its original finish through all metalworking stages. It’s ideal for manufacturing products with a luxurious aesthetic look and feel,” concludes Nevala.

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