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Customer views
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Ferritics for Miele's long lasting washing machines​

4月 22, 2013    

​Only the best will do for Miele of Germany, whose washing machines have been shown to operate faultlessly after 5,000 wash cycles, or 20 years of normal use. That's why the company has chosen Outokumpu as a supplier of stainless steels for its washing machine drums and other components in touch with water or moisture.


Trial runs lead to partnership

Ever since Miele was founded in 1899, the company has pursued market leadership with products that are considerably and consistently better than the competition. Integral to this is to use stainless steels of the finest quality, which led Miele and Outokumpu to team up after successful tests and trial runs in 2011. The deliveries cover ferritic grades for washing machine drums and tumble dryers, as well as austenitics for other components.


Shiny, bright looks

A great shiny look and extra smooth quality are key requirements for the washing machine drums. This is delivered by the mirror-like 2BB finish of the drums, which also ensures exceptional hygiene and long life. The 2BB finish, which also provides good mechanical properties, is produced in a carefully controlled process at Outokumpu's ultramodern annealing pickling line in Tornio, Finland.


Partners in sustainability

By teaming up with Outokumpu, Miele has found a great partner also in sustainability. The company takes pride in its sustainability credentials. By making washing machines built to last, sustainability is promoted not only with each spin of the drum, but also with the use of stainless steels that can be forever be recycled without any loss in quality.