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Ethanol producer opts for Duplex LDX 2101®

10月 23, 2013    

​Outokumpu supplies stainless steel sheets, plates, and piping products for an expansion of a biofuel ethanol plant. All flat products are of duplex LDX 2101®.
Agroetanol AB operates an ethanol plant on Händelö, an island some 10 kilometers from the city of Norrköping in Sweden. The plant produces 55 million liters of ethanol per year to be used as gasoline replacement. Biofuel sector observers assess the need for ethanol as fuel on the Swedish market to increase from 270 million to 500 million liters within the next two years. To help meet the increase, Agroetanol is building an expansion on the existing plant, approved for production of 210 million liters.
Ethanol processes largely take place in stainless steel vessels and pipes. As the stainless supplier for the Agroetanol expansion, Outokumpu will be delivering for the project both flat and piping products. The pipes and fittings, representing close to the full Outokumpu dimension range, are mainly of the austenitic grade EN 1.4307 (ASTM 304L).

As a breakthrough in the ethanol business, the sheets and plates are of duplex LDX 2101. This proprietary Outokumpu duplex grade offers many benefits that make it a superior alternative to traditional, austenitic grades in a wide variety of industrial applications. The high mechanical strength of LDX 2101, characteristic of all duplex grades, brings considerable weight and consequent cost savings. Owing to its very low nickel content, LDX 2101 is today lower in price in absolute terms than austenitic grades with similar corrosion resistance properties.
Outokumpu’s deliveries for the Agroetanol plant expansion are made starting from the early autumn of 2007. Outokumpu firmly believes that the current expansion will pave the way for the future in duplex LDX 2101 in ethanol production. Agroetanol has announced an interest to make an even wider use of LDX 2101 in possible future projects.
Agroetanol’s production is based on 150,000 tons of wheat per year at the current level of output, which also produces 45,000 tons of protein feed in addition to ethanol. The company is owned by Swedish Farmers’ Supply & Crop Marketing Association (Lantmännen).