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Customer views
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​Duplex LDX 2101® for a biofuel project

10月 24, 2013    

​Tank fabricator Oostwouder Tank- & Silobouw BV of the Netherlands chooses Outokumpu’s Duplex LDX 2101® for the company’s largest tank project to date: 66 tanks to be built for Noba Vetveredeling BV in a large-scale biofuel project in the Port of Amsterdam

The Port of Amsterdam announced a major new project on December 19, 2006: the Port has allocated nine hectares in its Westpoort zone to three Dutch companies – Noba Vetveredeling BV, Rotie BV, and Orgaworld BV – to develop a project named Greenmills for the production of biodiesel, bioethanol and biogas from recycled organic waste. Noba, a tank storage company specializing in recycled and other edible oils, plans to build in Greenmills a tank farm with an annual turnover of 600.000 tons per year, while the organic waste technology company Rotie plans to produce 200 million liters per year of biodiesel on site. Orgaworld will be producing 25 million cubic meters of biogas, partially to help fuel on-site processes.

Noba’s planned level of turnover will require a tank farm comprising 66 tanks with a total capacity of 84,000 cubic meters. Noba has hired the tank fabricator Oostwouder Tank- & Silobouw BV of the Netherlands to build the farm.
For Oostwouder, which has specialized in stainless steel tank fabrication for more than a decade, the new farm represents the company’s biggest project to date, estimated to consume close to 2,000 tons of Duplex stainless steel.
Already experienced in the use of Outokumpu’s low-nickel Duplex grade LDX2101, Oostwouder chose that grade for the main part of the tanks, a total of approximately 1,500 tons of the material. The decision in favor of LDX2101 was both for the high mechanical strength of  the Duplex grade – close to twice that of the alternative austenitic grade EN 1.4301 (ASTM 304) – and for the low nickel content of LDX2101. Because of recent surges in the price of nickel, LDX2101 has emerged as the more economical choice compared to higher-nickel grades.
In addition to the price advantage, Oostwouder achieved a 25% material weight saving by using LDX2101 compared to austenitic grades. Oostwouder’s Managing Director explains that tank engineering requires a certain minimum material thickness. This does not allow fabricators to take full advantage of the strength of Duplex grades, as compared to some other applications where the weight saving can be even greater.
For the bottom part of the tanks, where a higher level of corrosion resistance is needed, Oostwouder uses Outokumpu’s Duplex 2304.
Outokumpu has been a long-term supplier for Oostwouder. The managing director describes the cooperation as a good professional relationship, which has deepened in recent years as Outokumpu has emerged as the world’s leading supplier of Duplex stainless steels.